Patek Philippe Titanic clock

Patek Philippe as a well-deserved "watch king", in addition to watches, the famous dome clock has become part of the classic heritage of the brand. Patek Philippe's dome clock clams cloisonne enamel and many other rare and challenging process, beautiful. Today, today we come to enjoy the Patek Philippe Titanic clock. Patek Philippe Titanic clock Patek Philippe Titanic clock 1912 Titanic is replica rolex watches a sad tragedy, but it is undeniable, for many art creators, it offers countless inspiration. In addition to the well-known that part of the moving film, the Patek Philippe's Titanic-themed dome enamel clock is also drawing inspiration. Its birth was a coincidence. Patek Philippe Titanic clock In 2010, Thierry Stern, president of Patek Philippe, visited Belfast's Titanic Quarter during a visit, a £ 7 billion investment in Belfast, a "Titanic" center that interacts with visitors. Is the chance of the visit, so that Thierry Stern initiation of the desire to complete a Titanic-themed watch the idea. He found Peter Lunn, president of Lunn's at the time, planning to launch a special element watch with Titanic to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe and Lunn's 60th anniversary. Lunn's is rolex replica uk a famous jeweler. Patek Philippe Titanic clock The clock was co-authored by Patek Philippe and Lunn's. The watchmaking project began in 2011 with Thierry Stern, wife of Sandrine Stern, the creative director of Patek Philippe. After the completion of the design, the entire production team spent 5 months to complete the completion of the clock. Patek Philippe Titanic clock Patek Philippe Titanic clock This dome clock is not only the difficulty of the swiss replica watches design, but also the process. In addition, as an active defender of outstanding craftsmanship, Patek Philippe also cooperates with the famous Baccarat Crystal to pay tribute to the superb artistry of crystal glass craftsmen. Patek Philippe Titanic clock Patek Philippe Titanic clock This clock produced beautifully, beautiful, rich in detail, vivid. The theme of the watch is just right, is the Titanic from Belfast Harbor (Belfast Harbor) departure scene. The Titanic enamel clock used nearly 25 meters of gold thread and 22 different glaze, just glaze the process to spend more than 200 hours. Patek Philippe Titanic clock Patek Philippe Titanic clock The round top of the clock is also beautifully unusual, using a cloisonne enamel process. Part of the dial is the use of luxurious gold and warm chocolate, sun pattern decoration, the Roman time scale, willow needle, all reflect the beauty of classical. Dial around the circle around the rope pattern, vivid and beautiful, there is fit the theme. Patek Philippe Titanic clock Patek Philippe Titanic clock In 2014, Patek Philippe to the Titanic enamel dome clock to the Lunn's, was on display in Lunn's showroom. Patek Philippe's dome bell has become a classic part of the brand heritage, in addition to the Titanic, there are many other, such as Shakespeare, etc., then we introduce to you.