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Her beautiful appearance, stable walking, easy to wear characteristics, so that she became the choice of Ms. Patek Philippe watch the best choice. In recent years, ladies are increasingly interested in complex mechanical watches, Patek Philippe Ladies First series of complex features a series of female watch for the advent of Twenty ~ 4 ® series gradually fade out of sight. In the choice of women's watch more and more rich today, it is time to review Twenty ~ 4® simple and elegant beauty. Patek Philippe - Twenty ~ 4, twenty-four hours of gentle accompanied 24-hour companionship Patek Philippe history, there is no lack of time for women to create works, such as the British Queen Elizabeth I Expo in London in the phase of the Patek Philippe open face hanging watch; Hungarian female Duke Koscowicz commissioned Patek Philippe customized first square bracelet <a href="" title="fake watches">fake watches</a>; In 1916 a woman five minutes chronograph. Most of which are tailor-made for female customers. The first designed specifically for women's regular watch series, undoubtedly introduced in 1999 Twenty ~ 4 ®. This series of women's watches named Twenty ~ 4 ®, is embodied in the Patek Philippe its high hopes: to adapt to modern women in different identities, different occasions, different modeling needs, time to show personality style, easy access to time . In other words, she is a 24-hour woman. Patek Philippe - Twenty ~ 4, twenty-four hours of gentle accompanied Elegant slim, convenient and accurate Twenty ~ 4 ® shape from the classic non-circular geometry of Patek Philippe watches Gondolo series inspired by the series, in particular, choose a small rectangular case, the interpretation of decorative arts-style lines of the United States. Soft bracelet bracelet, bring out the women slender elegant wrist. In addition, the watch mirror, case and bracelet are used arc design, just with the female wrist soft arc perfect echo, so Twenty ~ 4 watch and wrist like one. In addition to the slim design, the Twenty ~ 4® series is embellished with diamonds. Simple dial, the case of double-row diamond mosaic, low-key subtle, elegant yet playful cute, dial color classic black, bright white, pristine brown, modern dark gray, mysterious midnight blue, with <a href="" title="fake rolex watches">fake rolex watches</a> stainless steel, gold , Rose gold bracelet or a variety of colors of silk strap, you can create a variety of styles; process more complex full diamond watch in the dial, bracelet diamond-studded, or snow-mosaic, romantic style, or long Diamond mosaic, noble gorgeous, bearing extraordinary. At the same time, Patek Philippe also from the actual needs of modern women, for the Twenty ~ 4 ® series selected Caliber E 15 quartz movement. This specially built quartz movement of high precision, power foot, to meet the modern women for accurate and dynamic storage needs. If women prefer mechanical watches, but also in the Twenty ~ 4 ® series found with a sophisticated mechanical movement of the full drill style, manual winding design, so wear more fun. Patek Philippe - Twenty ~ 4, twenty-four hours of gentle accompanied Is a timepiece, is also jewelry For modern women, the watch is not just a tool for measuring time, it is to show the personal style of accessories, its role is no less than the dazzling jewelry. Therefore, Twenty ~ 4 ® series of watches are used to create exquisite jewelry craft, and inlaid with precious stones to bring out the extraordinary charm of women. Not only that, Patek Philippe also for the Twenty ~ 4 series to create a variety of high-level jewelry watch, the process of the complex, the shape of the fine, no less than a jewelry art. For example, the 2012 "Rose" watch, inlaid with 1671 diamonds, 922 rubies and 131 emeralds, with case, dial and bracelet paper, depicting an elegant chic "rose and foliage" pattern. In 2014, Patek Philippe created the 150th anniversary of <a href="" title="swiss replica watches">swiss replica watches</a> the birth of Twenty ~ 4 series and the 15th anniversary of this, Patek Philippe used 1937 top Wesselton diamond and sapphire, inlaid with a lifelike "water creatures" sketch. Patek Philippe - Twenty ~ 4, twenty-four hours of gentle accompanied Twenty ~ 4 adhering to the decorative arts design concept, with a simple design supplemented by diamond embellishment, dripping release of women's elegant temperament. Whether it is the cause of hard work outside, or at home with loved ones, Twenty ~ 4 series can become a female intimate "close friend", with success, laugh together, witness the wonderful moment. </p> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html>